Who We Are

Wild Hair Adventures is an ongoing project of Jean Cauthen, Pam Goode, and Laura McRae Hitchcock that blends art exploration and travel opportunities.

Jean Cauthen, Charlotte, NC

Jean 2Jean Cauthen will tell you that growing up in Naples, Italy, New Orleans and the Carolinas inspired a lifelong wanderlust as well as a search for the perfect travel bag. Along with a passion for travel, Jean brings a love of painting, teaching and an attitude of positivity and humor to every art adventure.

Unexpected color relationships, complex design have been the hallmark of her large abstract paintings based on forms in nature and architecture. Her plein-air work inspires these color and design choices.

Jean holds an MFA in painting, exhibits internationally, conducts Art History lectures, has worked in healing arts and never misses a chance to “meet the locals.”

Although she has over 20 years of conducting travel adventures she still can’t really read a map and contends most good stories start with, “I had to ask for directions ….”


Pam Goode, Charlotte, NC

Pam Flowers

Pam has been decoding maps  and charting expeditions since she started leading treasure hunts in the neighborhood as a child. Since that time she’s planned and led travel to fourteen countries on four continents. “I gotta go,” she says. “There’s nothing like standing toe to toe with the unknown … with possibility. It opens my soul and expands me. In that instant I go from my usual label of mosaic artist in Charlotte to observer of culture, embracer of possibility. I grow; I become. There’s nothing that fills my soul the way travel can.”

Seeker, Thinker, Introvert, Wanderer — somewhere along the path and not there yet.

Laura McRae Hitchcock, Charleston, SC

LauraLaura has been moving her entire life, never living more than 5 years in one place and often not even that long. She has lived on both the east and west coasts and in the center of our great nation, but only recently has she begun to travel abroad. In 2016 she went to Ireland with Pam Goode and Jean Cauthen and the rest, as they say, is history. She has been bitten by the travel bug and cannot wait for the next adventure … and the one after that … and the one after that! And, honestly, what better way to travel than with your best art buddies?

Laura has been teaching art for more than 15 years and loves helping others build confidence in their art making abilities. She feels that seeing the light shine in someone’s eyes when they “get it” is one of her favorite things about teaching. She loves experimenting with color and this is the focus of her most recent abstract paintings.

Laura has a degree in art, exhibits her work internationally, and has enjoyed several residencies abroad.

She has discovered that travel reminds her to look at her surroundings with new eyes. Each trip brings new insight and fresh ideas, and she comes home brimming with creativity … ready to dive into the studio.



All writing and all photographs on this website are copyrighted and are the property of Pamela Goode, Jean Cauthen, and Laura McRae-Hitchcock unless otherwise noted. You may share content with proper credit, but any other use of the material herein is forbidden without written permission.

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